Who We Are

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IMG_8419smallThe restaurant “I Sette Consoli” was born on 19 September 1992 to an unsatisfied banker and a housewife who would have preferred to stay home. My big passion for cuisine, that I have taken from my mother, and that for wines, acquired from my father, who is a sommelier, led me to this big step. As soon as I got the opportunity, I quit my job at the bank and convinced Anna Rita, a housewife with regular culinary abilities, to follow me in this crazy adventure. We liked the venue: it was in Orvieto, in the centre, and there was a nice garden. Let’s get it started.

Anna Rita will eventually prove herself a great cook, she has committed and learnt everything about haute cuisine. Her hands are confident, light and at the same time convincing and fulfilling both for the eyes and the palate.

About four year ago, our daughters Serena and Chiara joined the staff and help us with passion, will and competence in this beautiful adventure.

Our cooking represents our territory, it is strictly bound to our origins and local products. We also offer fish courses, especially during summer, to satisfy our many foreign guests. Our wine list includes 800 labels from all over the world and a hundred liquors.

The most beautiful thing, the best compliment we love to receive, is when someone applauds us for our constant quality. I think this is very important: we do not make an intellectual or innovative cuisine, our clients know what they will find and they will find a high quality each time they visit.

On 19th September 2017 we will celebrated our 25th birthday. Our commitment is huge but we are very satisfied for still being here, in this nice corner of the historic centre, to do our best in serving our usual and new clients!