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Our Restaurant has 16 (sixteen) seats, ours is an express cuisine and this is why we ask you to book online. Nothing will be charged on your credit card and we have no access to your card information, which are handled by a specialized external company.

Menu for big tables

For tables of 6 or more, we only serve out Tasting Menu or a previously set Menu.

Vegetarian or vegan menus

We donnot have specific menus for vegetarians of vegans. We can make some of our plates suitable for you, but please always express Your needs in the reservation comments.

Food allergies or intolerances

When making the reservation, tell us your issues and we will figure out the right Menu together.

If your problems with some ingredients and with contamination are extremely serious and you risk your life, we are not able to host you.


Of course, you are free to dress as you wish. Please keep in mind, though, that there is no sea in Orvieto, so please if possible avoid flip flops, swimsuit-like shorts or being bare-breasted.

The Garden

Yes, we do know that our Garden is beautiful, a must see, but please have in mind that we are a Restaurant with a Garden and not a Garden with a Restaurant. It is on us, according to the weather, to decide whether to enjoy the chill of our garden or to accomodate you in our comfortable dining room with air-conditioning or heating in extremely hot, rainy or cold days.


As we have already written, we only have 16 (sixteen) seats so please let us know while making the reservation if you have any children and if they are sitting at the table. Our dining room is not very big and there is not much room for strollers or baby carriages. We have no children menu. We kindly ask you to take care of baby food in advance. Also we ask parents to look after their kids to avoid disturbing other guests.


If well behaved with well behaved owners, they are welcome. We only ask you to warn us in advance.

Here are a few house rules to make you feel better and let you fully enjoy your lunch or dinner.

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