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Besides the cosy and refined interior rooms, during the warm season the restaurant “I Sette Consoli” offers a pleasant outdoor.

The intimate and quiet garden once was the ancient botanical garden of the church Sant’Angelo, whose entrance used to overlook this court.

And here you can still admire the medieval facade of the church, which was then rebuilt in the 19th century in Sant’Angelo square, over a building belonging to the Benedectin monks in 6th century. That building was originally a pagan temple to Diane.

In this corner of heaven, where you can even see the suggestive backside of the Cathedral, you can indulge in relax and in the excellent cuisine of the restaurant among fruit trees and roses.


The wine list includes around 800 wines from all over; we give a lot of space to the local wines, but also from the rest of Itay, from Europe and all over the world.


At “I Sette Consoli” you can choose among around 100 spirits: Grappa, Brandy, Rhum, Cognac, Calvados, Armagnac, rare Whiskies and Liquors to end your lunch or dinner in the best way.

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